VYVO VISTA: New Firmware update just been released

VYVO VISTA: New Firmware update just been released

Update your VYVO Smart App and your VISTA device firmware to improve your device experience now.

In this release, the latest update available integrates additional LIFESTYLE functions for VISTA.

The update allows you to receive and check directly on your device, your LifeStyle Index analysis, which is calculated from the Health, Activity, and Mood components and based on VISTA’s measurements performed by schedule or automatically.

LifeStyle Index shows you a personalized and unique index that combines all the biometric parameter components monitored by VYVO devices, in order to help you understand your overall status.
With this unique index, you can have a better understanding that makes it easier to improve your lifestyle, by seeing the impact of the combinations of individual areas, and direct your efforts to improve on all the single components, day by day.

The release also addresses bugs, fixes, and improvements in performance. These adjustments are vital to be performed properly in order for you to get the most out of your device’s wonderful features.

Please follow these instructions to upgrade your experience:

  • Update or Download your VYVO Smart App from the Official Stores (Google Play, Apple App Store, or VYVO App Store) to receive the latest version available.
  • Login and connect your device.

You are now all set to enjoy the upgraded VYVO experience!

Continue to follow us on all official VYVO communications channels to receive update information.